American Cap Company, LLC, a division of PTR Group, manufactures world-class cylinder caps, valve protection, seamless couplings, thread protectors, and compressed gas components. Our value-added products are made in the USA and inventoried to send to our customers when they request their product.

Some of Our Prestigious Customers

Slow-motion impact testing is performed to test the sturdiness of the product and can test for hot and cold temperature use. We offer 100% valve and thread protector protection.


We custom manufacture valve protection for your specific needs.

We offer:

  • Cylinder Caps
  • Construction Collars
  • Non-Magnetic Cylinder Caps
  • Bayonet Cap for DISS Valve (Diameter Index Safety System)
  • Customized Caps
  • Plastic & Steel Valve Guards
    • Cage Style Guards
    • Tulip Cap
  • Safety Snap Cap


Our cylinder components include neck rings, cylinder sleeves, spuds, tank collars, tank carry handles, tank foot rings, and tank lids. We create custom components that can be customized with your company colors and company logo.



We manufacture seamless couplings for steel pipes under API quality standards. Seamless couplings offered include API-5L and API-5CT in a variety of sizes and material grades.


Our plastic thread protectors are used to assist in minimizing corrosion from moisture intrusion or entrapment. ACC protectors comply with API safety and usage standards. They are made to fit both PIN and BOX ends with sizes 2 3/8 – 5 1/2″ available.

Thread Protector Features:

  • Strong impact resistance
  • Manufactured to inhibit infiltration of dust and water to threads during transportation
  • Closed-end to protect the inside of the pipe
  • Available in hookable/liftable and nonliftable forms
  • API 5CT 10th Edition