American Cap Company Compressed Gas Cylinder Component Products

American Cap Company, a division of PTR Group, manufactures a variety of cylinder component products for the compressed gas industry including tank shells, tank neck rings, compressed gas flanges, tank collars, tank lids, tank handles, compressed gas spuds, cylinder tank sleeves, and tank foot rings.

Compressed Gas Tank Shells

Compressed gas tank shells can be customized to your specifications for height, diameter, and wall thickness. Our tank shells can also have varying end shapes including flat.


Compressed Gas Neck Rings

The cylinder neck ring mounts to a seamless high-pressure gas cylinder to provide a means of attachment for the cylinder valve protection device, such as a cap, valve guard, or other valve protection device.


Compressed Gas Flanges & Spuds

Compressed gas tank flanges are often used on cylinder tanks in the oil and gas industry.

The compressed gas cylinder tank spuds provide a method for attaching the cylinder valve to the cylinder. This product also provides security with respect to acetylene cylinders.


Compressed Gas Tank Collars

Like the tank lid, the tank collar also provides safety and protection from the outside environment to suppliers of propane, LPG, and natural gas.


Compressed Gas Tank Lids

Combined with our tank collar, the gas tank lid provides safety and protection. Our compressed gas cylinder tank lid accommodates American Cap Company’s standard 15-1/2″ tank collar.


Compressed Gas Tank Handles

Compressed gas tank carry handles are used to carry steel cylinders with ease and comfort. Our handles provide protection, reduce valve damage, and make transportation easier.


Compressed Gas Cylinder Sleeves

The purpose of a compressed gas cylinder sleeve is so that the sleeve can be placed over the existing tank neck ring with the identifying label of the owner of the cylinder tank. Covering the neck ring with a cylinder sleeve is more cost-effective than the costly and time-consuming process of replacing a gas cylinder neck ring when the cylinder tank changes ownership.


Compressed Gas Tank Foot Rings

Our compressed gas cylinder foot rings are built from quality steel in a variety of sizes and can be powder coated to match your cylinders. Upon request, our qualified engineering department can work with you to create new sizes or designs to meet your specific needs.