Compressed Gas Cylinder Sleeves

Compressed gas cylinder sleeves allow the owner of a cylinder tank the ability to identify ownership of their tank. When cylinder tanks change ownership, the neck ring will often have the previous owner identified. The process to replace a cylinder neck ring can be costly and time-consuming. The compressed gas cylinder sleeve is placed over the existing neck ring with the identifying label of the new owner. The sleeve is easily affixed by an adhesive. Whether you are placing your name on a new cylinder or a previously owned cylinder, the compressed gas cylinder sleeve will identify the current owner of the cylinder tank.


  • Embossed lettering
  • Designed for standard 3-1/8 – 11 thread neck ring
  • Easy to apply with supplied adhesive (one tube for every 20 sleeves)
  • Zinc plated


  • Cylinder sleeve in plain and powder coated
  • Can provide a bore for larger thread sizes, (i.e. 3-1/2)