Compressed Gas Tank Flanges

Compressed gas tank flanges are often used on cylinder tanks in the oil and gas industry. A flange is an external or internal ridge that is used for strength or for attachment to another object. The flanges help to make the compressed gas tank safer. We manufacture compressed gas tank flanges to your specifications.

Compressed Gas Tank Spuds

The compressed gas cylinder tank spud provides a method for attaching the cylinder valve to the cylinder. The compressed gas tank spuds also provide security in respect to the acetylene cylinders.


  • Compressed gas tank spuds provide a method for attaching valve protection devices
  • All OD thread forms and sizes are available including:
    • 3-1/8 x 11UN & 3-1/8 x 7 UN
    • 3-1/2 x 11 UN & 3-1/2 x 8UN
    • 3″-8NPT
    • 80W x 11 Whitworth Form
    • 89W x 1 Whitworth Form


  • Some styles provide fuse plugs containing lead, which is used in the case of a fire
  • If exposed to a fire that reaches 200 degrees Fahrenheit, the fuses would discharge out of the spud and release the gas to avoid an explosion
  • NPT, NGT, BSPT, & ISO ID thread sizes for valves and fuse plugs
  • Custom diameters offered to fit your compressed gas cylinder requirement