Compressed Gas Tank Neck Rings

We offer compressed gas tank neck rings that mount to a seamless high-pressure cylinder to provide a means of attachment for the cylinder valve protection device, such as a cap, valve guard, or other valve protection device. Our cylinder neck rings help keep your compressed gas cylinders compliant with all regulatory and corporate policies. Due to the varying sizes of cylinders, our neck rings are custom-made to fit your manufacturing needs. The most common neck ring sizes are maintained in stock at our facility and we can repurpose your existing neck ring. The cylinder neck ring can also double as an identifying label on the flange of the neck ring by embossing your company name, logo, and phone number if desired.


  • Zinc Plated
  • High quality steel
  • Rolled threads that provide better characteristics & higher strength
  • Available with or without nibs (typically there are 0, 3, 5 nibs)
  • Repurposing of neck rings


  • Bore sizes from .900″ and 2.56″
  • Custom bores available upon request
  • Custom heights available per your requirement
  • Other standard skirts sizes, (I.e. industrial short skirt 3-3/8″ diameter, full skirt, and no skirt)
  • Custom lettering available with most dies in stock (no die charges on minimum order quantity)