Plastic Thread Protectors

American Cap Company, LLC, a division of PTR Group, produces plastic thread protectors that are used to assist in minimizing corrosion from moisture intrusion or entrapment. Our plastic thread protectors comply with API safety and usage regulations. Plastic thread protectors are manufactured from thread or steel and are used frequently in the oil and gas industry to protect pipes during transportation to the oil and gas fields. The materials used for the plastic thread protectors are strong and protect the end of a pipe from damage during the handling and storage process.

Features of Plastic Thread Protectors:
  • Fits both pin and box end
  • Strong impact resistance
  • Inhibits infiltration of dust and water to the threads
  • Closed-end to protect the inside of the pipe
  • Liftable or non-liftable forms
  • Thread protector sizes – 2-3/8″ – 9-5/8″
Plastic Thread Protector Options:
  • Custom sizes and colors
  • Customer-specific labeling
  • Shielded thread protectors
  • Non-rated thread protectors or Annex thread protectors
  • Plastic or metal thread protectors