ACCI Industries, a division of PTR Group, is highly skilled in the fabrication of metal components requiring complex processing and precision assembly.

We fabricate all grades of carbon, aluminum, and other non-ferrous metals that are from an 18 gauge to 5″ thick.

Fabrication Offerings


Metal Cutting

Metal cutting has been a core of manufacturing throughout history; it produces a metal part by removing unwanted material in the form of chips. Our three overhead cranes with 5-ton to 20-ton capacities allow us to safely and efficiently handle any material that your project requires.

Machine Capabilities
  • High-Speed Laser Cutting & Bending
  • High Definition Plasma Cutting
  • High Definition Oxy Cutting
  • Band Saw Cutting
State-of-the-art lasers enable us to quickly cut thicker, more intricate parts more accurately and with superior edge quality. The lasers are loaded and unloaded using an automatic sheet handling system, which results in more laser uptime. A CNC Press Brake accompanies this laser cell to finish parts to their final shape.
Automatic Load/Unload Cell

Table Size: 60″ x 120″ auto sheet load
Auto sheet load
4000-watt flying optics
1/2º taper per 1″ thickness
.002″ tolerance precision repeatable to .004″ per foot

Press Brake

Maximum capacity: 125 Metric Tons (138 US Tons)
Maximum table length: 3.0 Meters (114.8 inches)

CAD Interfacing (drawing file formats)

CAD Interfacing (Drawing file formats: .prt, .dwg, .dxf, Amada Dos files, Solid Edge Flat Files, Solid Works
Files, Omax Routed Data)

Rotating bevel head capable of beveling +45 degree with a torch rotation of +/­460 degree

Capable of cutting 1-1/2″ Carbon Steel, 1-1/4″ Stainless Steel, 1″ Aluminum

Maximum cutting width of 12′­ 4″

Maximum cutting length of 97′­ 0″

Two Plasma Torches

Capable of cutting 1-1/2″ Carbon Steel, 1-1/4″ Stainless Steel, 1″ Aluminum
Dual Plasma Torch Heads

Oxy/Acetylene Torch (1)

Maximum cutting thickness of 5″
Maximum cutting width of 10′­ 8″
Maximum cutting length of 42′­ 6″
Bevel cut capability

Horizontal Band Saws
40′ maximum length
16″ maximum diameter
bundle cut capability
all materials


Metal Forging

Our metal forging involves shaping your material using localized compressive forces delivered with a hammer or die. This process can be classified to the temperature it is performed which can be cold, warm, or hot. Our metal forging department provides customers with finished, forged parts that are machined, heat treated, and shot blasted.

Metal Forging and Press Capacity
  • Can forge up to 22 lbs.
  • Friction Press: 25 Presses / 100-1,000 tons
  • Closed, Single Action Press: 12 Presses / 100-400 tons
  • Auxiliary Press: 27 Presses / 35-165 tons


Heat Treatment

Is a significant part of our forging services that involves heating metal or an alloy material at a specific rate and we continue to hold it at that temperature for a predetermined amount of time, then cooling the material at a certain rate. These heat-treating practices are performed to obtain the desired microstructure you desire. 

Shot Blasting

We prepare, clean, polish, or strengthen the surface of your metal part. We utilize either sandblasting or air blasting.



Our metal welding fabrication services join materials together by using heat to melt the parts together and allowing them to cool. At ACCI Industries, we utilize two different types of metal welding to meet your desired and specified product.


Robotic Metal Welding

We use mechanized programmable tools, which completely automates our welding process by both performing the weld and handling the part. This method produces a remarkable weld, improved consistency, and is cost-efficient for you.​

Manual Metal Welding

Our metal welding technicians are highly skilled and experienced. We perform this type of welding by using the arc to strike between a consumable electrode and the workpiece being welded. We are capable of welding most ferrous and non-ferrous metals utilizing MIG and TIG welding practices on stationery and welding lathe platforms.


Custom Metal CNC

Our custom CNC services utilize a pre-programmed computer software that dictates the movement of factory tools and can be used to control a range of complex machinery. The ACCI Industries custom metal CNC department uses seven CNC lathes and four CNC mills. The metal material is routed into the CNC machine operation through our sawing and staging area. Our comprehensive, in-house tool and die department designs and builds tooling that is customized to your part specifications.

Our custom CNC department houses 7 CNC Lathes that have the torque and horsepower to meet your needs.

Swing Diameter: 22.04 inches
Part Length Maximum: 43.10 inches
Part Weight Maximum: 500 lbs

Our custom CNC department houses 9 CNC Mills with CAD/CAM capabilities for drilling and cutting to your part specification.

Part Length Maximum: 65 inches
Part Width Maximum: 20 inches
Part Height Maximum: 20 inches
Maximum Table Weight: 2650 lbs


Metal Stamping

Our stamping services involve placing a flat sheet metal in either blank or coil form into a stamping press where a tool and die forms the metal into a specific shape. Our metal stamping department utilizes the capacity of twenty-three mechanical and hydraulic presses ranging from 30 to 1,000 tons. While our press feed equipment incorporates many of the stamping cells.

Machining Capacities
  • Die Space Maximum: 48″ F-B x 96″ LR
  • Stroke: 16 inches
  • Daylight (SDAU): 40 inches
  • Draw Diameter: up to 29″
  • Depth: up to 33″

Metal Deep Draw – Sheet Metal Forming

Our deep draw process involves a sheet metal blank being radially drawn into a forming die by a punching action. It is called deep draw because the depth of the drawn metal part exceeds its diameter. ACCI Industries deep drawing capabilities are supported using state of the art hydraulic deep draw press technology. The materials used can vary to meet customer’s needs including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, or specialized materials.

Metal Machining Part Cost Reduction
  • Weight savings
  • Design flexibility
  • Superior seamless formed product

Metal Powder Coating and Finishing

Our metal powder coating and finishing services use a dry coating process as a metal finish mostly on industrial equipment. The finish is applied through an electrostatic process, then cured with heat; this allows products to be suitable for indoor and outdoor applications and is the most cost-effective. We finish our manufactured products by utilizing an in-house powder coating line or by adding other finishing products.

At ACCI Industries our newest addition is the phosphate line, which allows us to provide shorter lead times and cost reduction projects. In production, we utilize this zinc immersion line for a range of custom steel products to ensure longevity and by providing corrosion resistance.

Additional Metal Finishes
  • E-coating
  • Anodizing
  • Zinc plating
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