PTR Group delivers on the quality promised to customers without fail or exception.

We are committed to continuously improving our ability to manufacture and deliver a quality product to our customers on time, at a competitive price, and in accordance with customer requirements. Our quality assurance systems provide complete traceability from raw materials to final delivery. Please read the information below about the quality and engineering for each of our companies, PTR Tool & Plastics, American Cap Company, and ACCI Industries.

PTR Tool & Plastics Quality and Engineering

Engineering is the driving force behind the exceptional tolerances, longevity, and functionality of our tools. Our engineering team is hands-on from project start to completion. This holistic approach diminishes room for error, increases productivity, and provides continuous training to operators. Whether it be a small project production or mass level production, our team wants to help you with tooling solutions to your industry needs.

Certifications / Policies
  • Tooling Feasibility
  • Analysis Material
  • Selection Assistance
  • Tooling Complexity
  • Correlation to Volume Requirement
  • Tooling Production and Cost Optimization
  • 3D Design: AutoCAD, Pro-E, UniGraphics
  • Mold Flow & Cooling Analysis
  • Design & Process FMEAs
  • Precision Machined Prototypes: [1] Plastic [2] Metal
  • Quick Build Prototype Molds

Environmental Policy

We are continually improving our EMS (Environmental Management System) by monitoring and reducing our impact on the environment through the prevention and reduction of pollution. The results show in the products we design, develop, and manufacture while maintaining compliance with all local, state, and other requirements in order to achieve this objective.


American Cap Company Quality and Engineering

From start to finish American Cap Company is single-minded in its commitment to provide superior quality and services which can be seen in every component we produce. As a dedicated, hands-on producer of world-class quality components, we can offer you opportunities for savings and profits.

American Cap Quality Management Systems is ISO 9001:2015 certified and incorporates Six Sigma practices that ensures our products meet the highest quality and performance expectations.

American Cap products are designed to meet these standards: CGA V9, CSA B340, ISO 11117, and DOT 49 CRF.

Certifications / Policies
Our QA department is supported with numerous inspection tools and instruments including:
  • Instron (Satec) MATS II Material Testing System Model U MII 60HVL
  • Rockwell Testing
  • Optical Comparator
  • Various Gauges and Gauging Systems
  • CMM (Sheffield Discovery D-28; 30″-x, 40″-y, 24″-z. .00004 resolution, .00012 repeatability)

Engineering Support

American Cap Company’s engineering department can provide you with product design, prototyping, R&D, and production tooling. Our in-house engineering and programming team utilize the following CAD/CAM platforms to design for and support the manufacturing team:

  • AutoCAD 2017
  • AutoCAD Mechanical 2017
  • Metcam
ACCI Industries Logo

ACCI Industries Quality and Engineering

ACCI Industries has a comprehensive and complete quality assurance and inspection department. Our lean manufacturing practices employ the principles of Six Sigma and the entire production process is controlled by qualified inspectors. The materials are fully traceable and serialized with the latest state-of-the-art measurement capabilities and a complete in-house lab. At ACCI Industries we can assure you of the highest, most consistent quality day after day.
Certifications / Policies
Our lab includes a wide array of inspection tools and instruments including:
  • Instron (Satec) MATS II Material Testing System Model U MII 60HVL
  • Rockwell testing
  • Optical comparator
  • Various gauges and gauging systems
  • Sheffield Discovery D-28 CMM (30″-x, 40″-y, 24″-z, .00004 resolution, .00012 repeatability)
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Bed testing

Our Process

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